Target selection

625 candidate proteins were sampled from a list compiled from the human, bovine and plant nucleolar proteomes [1,2,3,4], supplemented with selected entries from the Gene Ontology database: proteins referenced as ribosome biogenesis (GO 0042254) and/or rRNA processing (GO 0006364) [5] were included. A compilation of the yeast ribosome processing factors was generated mainly from references: [6,7,8]. The human homologs were retrieved using a BLASTP search (expected p value below 10-15). From this assembled list of 847 human proteins with putative functions in pre-rRNA processing, we excluded all the ribosomal proteins, as they were already described [9], or are currently studied elsewhere, some histones and other proteins with conflicting subcellular localization (e.g. mitochondria, the ER, etc ). The list of the 625 genes analyzed is available here.



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